Bad Website of the Day – no accounting for taste

These accountants have added up all the elements of a crappy website. Click to enlarge.

Here is some bad web design for you all to feast your eyes on.  Today’s monstrosity belongs to The Auditing Section of the American Accounting Organization.

This site has a lot of issues going on:

1)      The page is too narrow.  Why is everything smashed into a box that only uses 25% of the screen?  If the page were expanded, a visitor could see all of the info on the homepage without having to scroll down.

2)      Too many choices in the navigation.  Look at that left side bar.  Holy mackerel! Couldn’t some of those topics be grouped together?  For example, is anyone looking for the by-laws?  And why is the site map in the main navigation?  Couldn’t that link go in the footer, if it’s needed at all? Also, why does the nav change from left-hand side to top depending on which page you’re on?  Where is the consistency?

3)      Priority of navigation. You should try to list your nav options in order of importance to your visitors. You’re telling me that the top two things visitors want to see are the site map and your mission statement? Which leads me to…

Wait – I’m supposed to read all of this?

4)      Mission statement on opening page.  I hate mission statements, and this site has two.  It is bad enough that they fill up prime homepage real estate with a boiled down mission statement. Even worse is that nav link to an EVEN LONGER mission statement!

5)      Wasted header.  The header is a solid image.  No links, no even back to the home page.  This is a total waste of prime real estate.

6)      No images.  They have smashed as much text as possible into the homepage and avoided using any images.  Congratulations on taking something as dynamic as a webpage and managing to turn it into a boring dissertation. Any visitor to this site will turn tail and run at the sight of this homepage. Take a look at this membership page – that is a stimulating web page!

I’ll give these guys a break; after all they are accountants and not artists.  However, you would think accountants could find some money in the budget to hire a web designer!


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