How to become a social media pop star

This is a must read Hollywood Reporter article about homegrown pop phenomenon Austin Mahone.

Mahone has transformed his bedroom into a bank vault, selling 10 minute Skype chats to tween girls at $50 bucks a pop. That’s in addition to his concerts and merchandise.

He did it without an agent or record label, and he has built his career on solid principles of social media success – ones that can be duplicated for any business, not just pop singing.

  • Go where your customers are! Mahone has 762,000 Twitter followers, 482,000 Facebook fans, 350,000 Instagram followers and 74 million views on YouTube. He is engaging fans on multiple platforms.
  • All of your web and social media efforts should support each other – none are a solo act. Mahone started out on a YouTube channel with 800 followers from a previous venture.  he notes, “I promoted myself on Twitter and Facebook as hard as possible, nonstop.”  This is a great example of engaging using your successful social platforms to boost your other vehicles.  This may be your website or, in Mahone’s case, your YouTube presence.
  •  Be social, stupid!  The article notes: “’People started realizing that if they commented on my videos, I’d reply to their comment, so I started getting a lot more views and comments.’ In two months, he was up to 20,000 subscribers.”  Social media is not a one-way broadcast channel. It’s a conversation between brands and fans.  They are agreeing to give you a piece of their valuable social time, so you need to acknowledge and reward that effort.
  • Content is king! Mahone posts relentlessly, ensuring that his momentum doesn’t slow down.  In the social network world, attention is currency. You have to be entertaining, relevant, and produce enough content to keep fans coming back.

I’ve never heard any on Mahone’s music, but I sure can appreciate his marketing smarts! There are a lot of college grads who could learn a  thing or two about social media marketing from this high schooler.

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