Instagram and your marketing – how top companies are doing it

I know I am a little late to the party, but I have just started getting into Instagram. For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is a mobile-only photo sharing site where your groups of friends can share photos that they take and then modify with the help of built-in filters and editing tools.

Instagram has been growing in popularity, and where people are paying attention, marketers are sure to follow.

I was searching for some good examples of Instagram-based marketing and found this article from HubSpot writer Allison Gale titled “The 10 Best Branded Companies on Instagram”.

Gale notes that marketers who succeed on Instagram have a clearly defined idea of their brand and audience, and that focus comes through in their photos. She notes:

The Boston Celtics organization sends out imitate and up-close photos of happenings during the season, including as games are happening. This photo was grabbed from the HubSpot article I cite in this post.

“When it comes to presenting your brand on social media, your reputation and brand image is only as strong and complete as your most recent update. If your content is off-brand, your image will come across as confused, incomplete, or just plain wrong. That’s not to say you should be dropping nothing but explicitly on-product tweets, but to say that your content, be it original or shared, should always carry within it some sort of a representation or affirmation of your brand’s identity in some way.”

Notables cited in the article include Starbucks – which goes for a very simple, coffee-centric vibe – and the Boston Celtics organization, which sends out imitate and up-close photos of happenings during the season, including as games are happening.

Check out the article and let me know some ways your company might make its mark on Instagram.  Also, please check out this report on Instagram Best Practices from Likable Social Media.

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