Balanced web marketing

We often discuss using social media to support your website, driving visitors in. While the social should support the website, the website must also support the social.

I view the website, social media and email marketing as a triangle – each element should support the other two and none should be seen as the be-all-and-end-all.  Your email marketing should have social media and web links in it, your website should contain an email sign-up and social media links and your social media channels should contain some links back to your site and the opportunity to sign up for email communications should be offered occasionally via social media vehicles.

Your online marketing needs balance!

The underlying strategy should be to build as many communications bridges as possible to your

customer, building trust and affinity. That means sending useful information in your email and social media channels, not just mindless marketing broadcasts.

Above all, all of these mediums should provide people with useful information.  If it is all sales broadcasts the audience will tune you out.  Content is king – make sure yours is worth the customer’s time.


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