Making your social media tracking a snap!

Where do more visitors come to my site from? Facebook or Twitter?
Create a dashboard in Google Analytics for quick and easy reference and simple comparisons of things like social media traffic.

Hi – I wanted to share this helpful article that I just read from Eugene Oprea called “4 Shortcuts for Analyzing Social Media Traffic in Record Time.

Google Analytics can suck up a lot of time. You need to look up all the data, export it, create reports.  However, the information gleaned from Analytics is killer.

Here, Oprea offers you quick links and super simple step-by-step instructions for setting up simple report dashboards in your Analytics that will make it a snap to develop a quick snapshot of what is going on with your web traffic.

In the photo you can see the handy little dashboard that I created using step-by-step instructions that I found in the article and the links contained within.

Pretty good stuff!  Plus, you can print out a nice little graph that even your stupid boss can understand!

I would recommend reading the article and creating a few dashboards and playing around with them when you have a chance.

Until next time.


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