Is your marketing LinkedIn?

I was reading “27 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Tactics” by Harry Gold and I realized that there are a lot of untapped uses for LinkedIn.  When marketers think of social media, they immediately think of Facebook and Twitter, but when you really think about it, almost everyone you know who works has a LinkedIn account.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has company pages. That’s a good place to start. Gold’s article outlines a lot of other great ways to market your company through LinkedIn, including creating polls, starting dicussions and promoting your page and social channels.

I would also like to note that LinkedIn is a good way to establish yourself as an expert.  For people like me, who do not own their own business, LinkedIn is an avenue to respond to peoples questions – sharing your knowledge, building value and – as I just mentioned – establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

I make sure my blog posts go up on my LinkedIn profile, so people who are viewing my profile can see what I am all about.  When I am looking for a job or someone is seeking help on a project, my thoughts and skills will already be a known quantity.

Have you visited your LinkedIn profile lately?  If not, I recommend visiting and making sure everything is up to date. Remember, once you start looking for a job, it’s a little late to be updating your profile.  And, if you own your own business, use this profile as a way to show people you’re a pro.

Until next time…


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