It’s the content, stupid! Content creation and curation.

Content is king!

When addressing the issues with their web marketing, the first idea is often, “we need a new website.”

Rather than spend thousands on a website redesign, the truth is that many businesses can use sound web content strategy to make their site appealing to visitors.

No matter how beautiful your site is, if the content sucks, the visitors will not come. And, if the content never changes, they won’t come back. The same is also true for social media. People won’t follow your Facebook page just because it’s there – you have to inspire then to visit, interact and share.

Where can I get content?

Generating a consistent flow of content can be a daunting task. Here are some ways to make it easier:

Where does he get that wonderful content?

1)      Curate: The web is full of mofos like me, spewing out tips and opinions. Whatever industry you are in, you can find tons of people writing about it: education, healthcare, pest control.

I recommend finding a few relevant bloggers that you like and subscribing to their email lists.  Then you will get content delivered to your inbox every day, and you can choose what to share with your readers. Also, Twitter is a great place to find a lot of good articles.  Follow some Twitterers in your field of interest and check in daily for some good ideas.

This is not stealing; it’s an accepted practice to reprint other people’s blogs as long as you note where the information came from.

What I often like to do is use ideas/quotes from someone else’s article and then write my own thoughts on their viewpoint or topics.  It’s a good way to get inspired when the idea well is running dry.

2)      Create: Look around the marketplace and find that which would help customers and which you can create.

Say you are an accounting service.  You may want to create videos about tips on deductions (maybe “5 Big Deductions You Might Be Missing”) or a list of tips to keep from exceeding your holiday budget.

These are actual, helpful pieces of information that your customers can use.  And remember that when you create content, it may be cited by other bloggers and people in your industry, establishing you as an expert.

And remember, a content calendar can help you plan out what to say when. This will help you find content that is more relevant to your customer at the right times.  Relevance = timeliness and proximity. Ex: If you are offering tips to eat smarter on vacation, plan to use it in the summer.

With the variety of platforms out there now, like YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, etc., there is no limit to the types of content you can create and curate.  You are only limited by your ambition and imagination.

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