My first Pinterest contest

I’m preparing to launch a Pinterest contest, and I am noticing just how far reaching the possibilities are for marketers. In fact, I am becoming fairly obsessed with Pinterest right now.

I discussed the army’s use of Pinterest previously, and they are doing some great things in terms of getting army wives/families involved through Pinterest. I’d like you to brainstorm the ways you can get fans involved, posting and sharing content that relates back to your brand.

Cost-Plus World Market used the Easter Holiday as an opportunity to run a contest. Throughout Lent, one $50 gift card was given out to the creator of the Pinterest board judged to make the best use of World Market’s Easter imagery from their website.

This is genius on several levels.

1)      They are soliciting fans to create Pinterest boards that feature World Market products – turning thousands of Pinterest boards into ads for World Market Easter products.

2)      The contest is timely and relevant. It runs through the Easter holiday.

3)      Free design work – it encourages Pinterest fans (who already are interested in showing decorating ideas) to consider decorating with World Market products, in effect getting thousands of free suggested uses for their products.

4)      They are socializing the content. People are sharing links to their pages via the World Market Facebook page – this is also building value and connections across two social media channels.

5)      The prize, a World Market gift card, ensures that they will be coming back to World Market and spending money there.

The possibilities for these contests are endless.  Own a gym? Encourage fans to make a board of healthy foods, fitness activities, or your target for a perfect body.

A book store can encourage postings of your favorite places to read, covers of your favorite books or photos of your book club.

How can you encourage fan creation and socialization through Pinterest? I welcome your comments!

Until next time…


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