Chain ‘em to the radiator – lock down those Facebook fans!

ImageI was helping someone work on some social media strategies for his small business.  One part of those suggestions was to buy targeted Facebook ads.

This morning he told me he was preparing to buy the ads.

This is where it’s time to apply the brakes. Before you lure anyone into your page, you have to have a plan for how you are going to keep them there. In real life you would just chain them to the radiator. In the digital world, it takes a little bit more.

I recommend planning your base interactions about a year in advance.  This ensures that you always have some base level of engaging content.  It also helps you think ahead about things that may take longer to plan, like videos and sweepstakes.

As the saying goes: failure to plan is a plan to fail

So, the question remains:  once you get people to your page, what incentive do they have to stay and, more importantly, to share and revisit? What social media chains have you found to hitch visitors to your radiator, er, page?


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