Socializing your advertising

Help the picky social media eater get their veggies!

Believe it or not, there are still people out there using Facebook/Twitter/etc. as a megaphone to broadcast marketing messages.

We all know that the root of any corporate Facebook site is the desire to make money.  There’s nothing wrong with that – I am in marketing after all!

However, the need to yell “BUY THIS!” has to take a backseat in the new social world.  Now you need to engage people, encourage socialization, and then let them come to you (now their trusted ally) when they want to buy.

Moms use cheese to get kids to eat broccoli, and you can dress your marketing up in a tasty dish that appeals to the picky social media eater.


One great way to socialize your new products is to encourage voting.

An example:  Say you have an ice cream company (called Jen and Berry’s). What better way to pimp a new flavor?  First you solicit votes on what new flavor you should debut.  This serves the purpse of a focus group and, once the winner is chosen and that flavor comes to market, the advertising has already been done.  Your fans feel like they are a part of the decision making process.

In fact, if you are not doing so, I highly encourage you to open everything up to likes and comments – all of your products and your web content.  Don’t listen to that company lawyer – he doesn’t know s–t about marketing!

Share your story

You can have coupons and sweepstakes, but you must solicit content creation with it. If you are offering 30% off a night in your hotel, ask people to share a picture from their last vacation to get the code. Giving away an iPod? Ask people to talk about their favorite concert experience.

An example:  Expedia ran “The Friendship Game” where trips were given away.  People had to share a vacation story on the Expedia FB page. In six weeks, they added 1 million new fans (+ 750%).

What is relevant to your audience?

If your company is full of old school marketing people, talking about direct mail and TV buys, it’s time to cut bait and start fresh.

Social Media is the center, advertising (and everything else) supports it. Customers don’t want social to be on the side.

Invest in content creation – in new marketing thinkers. People who can both create and inspire social content.

Do you have any great examples of socialized marketing content? Please share!

Until next time…


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