From Mashable: YouTube ‘Suggested Videos’ Now Favor Longest-Watched

I just saw this article and thought it fit nicely with the article I posted on Tuesday about crafting successful online videos.

YouTube ‘Suggested Videos’ Now Favor Longest-Watched

By Lauren Indvik

YouTube has altered its suggested videos algorithm to favor videos that are watched for the longest periods of time.

Previously, suggested videos — which appear as related videos on watch pages, or recommended videos elsewhere on — were served up based on the number of people who clicked on those videos. Now, YouTube videos that trigger the longest viewing times will be prioritized.

In a post, YouTube said the change was instated to serve up better and more relevant content to audiences. But it also seems to penalize those who create shorter videos.

A 30-second video that averages 25 seconds of viewing time is less likely to be recommended than a four-minute video that averages 28 seconds of viewing time — which makes us wonder if this isn’t more about delivering impressive engagement numbers to advertisers than bettering the experience for YouTube visitors.


2 comments on “From Mashable: YouTube ‘Suggested Videos’ Now Favor Longest-Watched

  1. This is interesting. I wonder if they could account for the proportion of the video watched rather than the more-simple total viewing time.

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