Cut the Cord (But Just a Little!)

ImageOf all of the sessions I have attended at SXSW this year, the thing that stuck with me the most was at a session called “How Women Present Themselves in the Digital Age”.

Filmaker Tiffany Shlain noted that she is making a one day break from tech each week.  When you look around (especially at SXSW), everyone has their face buried in a cell phone or tablet or they are clacking away on a keyboard.  I’m going to make an effort to take a break once a week and get away from the laptop and the iPhone.

I’m not going soft on you, fearless reader! Just putting some perspective on our tech obsession.  Have you ever found yourself texting someone else, while a person who has made an effort to spend time with you is sitting there?  I know I have, and I’m glad this was pointed out to me.


3 comments on “Cut the Cord (But Just a Little!)

  1. Great article, and I wish I could’ve been there for that session.
    Thanks for bringing me back to reality, I’m definitely going to try that 🙂 !

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