Don’t be a social media ho! Engage Your Fans

Don't be a social media ho, always looking for some hot new fan. Build relationships with the fans you have!

I saw this post from ClickZ today, “Engagements > Fans” by Nick Cifuentes and wanted to share it. This covers a lot of good points, including the need for a social media budget.

More importantly, it touches on the need to keep fans of your Facebook, Twitter, etc. engaged.  These are the true fans of your brand – your home team. So before you go gallivanting around town looking for a good time (and new fans), remember to take care of things at home first.

There is a great quote in this article that I want to pull, though I recommend reading the whole thing:

“If you gain a fan in Facebook and that person doesn’t “engage” with you in some way, what value exists there? (In terms of definition here, we refer to this in Facebook as a comment, a “like,” a share, or a story created about your brand on a user’s Facebook page.) If you don’t have that person interacting in some way on your Facebook page, they are near worthless.”

This reinforces the point that “likes” or “fans” or “followers” are empty numbers unless you are getting them to interact with and talk about your brand.  It’s like having a bunch of acquaintances who will show up at your party, but no real friends who will pick you up at the airport.

By engaging your fans, you create a meaningful bond between the customer and the brand. That can make all the difference when they have need of a service – the difference between choosing you and choosing a competitor.

As Cifuentes notes: “If you can turn your social platforms into communities where you can promote engagement or entice users to engage with you, that’s where you’ll see the largest return.”

I’ve written before about some ways to engage you fans. What are you doing to keep that relationship fresh?

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3 comments on “Don’t be a social media ho! Engage Your Fans

  1. LoveINpower says:

    Great reminder. Social media numbers are empty if your SM strategies are not increasing sales or at least generating a conversation about your brand. Social media should help build your brand equity, not just your online “Klout”. Thanks for sharing!

    • rsj8000 says:

      Thanks for your comment Chuniq. WHat do you think are the important stats to track for a select social media channel, like Twitter, to demonstrate a conversion funnel?

  2. […] Johnson said it best: “It’s like having a bunch of acquaintances [that] will show up at your party, but no real friends w…” You would be both surprised and amazed at what you can learn by engaging your readers, […]

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