Facebook Timeline for Businesses: Good, bad or ?

A look at the new Timeline for businesses.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Facebook is converting business pages into timelines in the next few weeks. You can check out the image to see what time timelines will look like.

The question is: how will this help or hurt your Facebook page.


On first brush I think it helps because people will be able to see more of your posts. With two columns of information, your posts with photos will be larger and more attention grabbing.

It also makes it much easier to go back in time looking at old posts.  This can help you when trying to catalog old posts and makes it much easier for fans to browse your past Facebook posts.

You can also add historical items to your timeline, like the year your company started or your 10th business anniversary.  This helps you humanize your brand to users – a good way to tell customers your story through words and pictures. Now the timeline does not just cover your time on Facebook, but as much history as you want to cover.

Also, users can now sort through your posts by type (videos, pictures, likes), social stats (friends likes), and time of posting (posts made last month or two years ago).

You'd better brighten up those posts if you want to compete!

It’s really pretty remarkable.  I’m looking at posts from years back that I had forgotten about – it’s amazing to see your progress as your Facebook presence develops.

Please read this great blog post from Acquaintances with an Autodidact Alumna about some great ways to take advantage of the new page.


If you aren’t adding images to your page, your Facebook timeline is going to be one sorry sack! As the rise of Pinterest demonstrates, marketing is becoming increasingly visual – infographics, images, videos, etc.

Think of this as your opportunity to start planning more ways to add some spark to your page.  Straight text posts are going to be lost in the shuffle as pages become living works of art that sum up a life – or a business!

Until next time…


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