Time to love your fans!

Show some love to your fans today!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Would you spend the day without telling that special someone that they are special to you?  N

I’m not talking about your spouse, I mean your Facebook fans! What can you do to show some love to your social media fans today?

Your fans have about 20 billion options to devote their precious attention to.  If they are choosing you, count yourself lucky!

Use today as an opportunity to celebrate your fans with a special offer or even single out one fan for a mention (i.e., “John Jones is our 100th fan! Thanks for joining us John!”).

Remember, online success is all about establishing communication and trust (kind of like marriage).

Do you have any thoughts on how to make today special for your fans? If so, please share the love!


One comment on “Time to love your fans!

  1. Great points and visual, Ryan. I love the idea of showing appreciation to fans by a mention (or two). The special offer is also good. I think people follow brands on social media so they can get special offers and be among the first to know what’s new with the brand.

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