Bring your gun! Be prepared to enter social media combat.

Clint Eastwood with guns

You new to Facebook, hombre? You'd better arm yourself with a social media plan!

Hi gang! I wanted to take a minute to guide you to, and comment on, an article by Krista Neher: “5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make in Social Media Marketing.”

By all means, I encourage you to read Neher’s article, but I’d like to put in my two cents on a couple of her points.

The “If You Build It They Will Come” Mentality

I’ve been working with someone recently on improving their web and social media outreach.

The owner noted to me, “I made the Facebook page, but nobody’s looking at it.”

This is a classic mistake. Just because you open a restaurant, that doesn’t guarantee business – look how many businesses go under every week. You have to incentivize people to come in and come back.

As Neher notes, “Consider that an average person on Facebook is connected to 130 people, and an additional 80 pages, groups, and events. If each of these updates five times a day there are over 1,000 updates that an average person can be exposed to on Facebook each day.”

Just like we have a lot of choices about where to spend our money, we have a lot of choices about where to spend our online attention (and as I have said many times, attention is the currency of the social media world).

We have yet to enact my plan, but you can see the company Facebook page here. My aim is to improve the content and to help them construct a true social media plan.  This is going to take a while, but if you like, keep an eye on this Facebook page and we’ll see if I can make something happen.

Not Having a Clear Plan

Would you go to a gun fight unarmed?  That’s what countless businesses do when they jump into social media with no plan!

Neher says this perfectly: “Probably the biggest reason that most businesses don’t get results from their social media marketing is that they don’t have a clear plan. Since social media accounts are free to create, most businesses create them and start posting ‘stuff.’”

Like the page I cited above, there is no clear cut plan for continued engagement. People don’t often think about their audience. Who are you talking to?  Why are they coming to your page?

People just say, well everybody’s on Facebook, so we need to be on Facebook.  Wrong! You should only be on Facebook if you have some way to contribute and create value for customers.

Once you know that, a simple posting calendar will help you arrange your thoughts into a clear plan, so that you will never be short of content.  Don’t feel like you have to slavishly adhere to the calendar.  Use it as a guide.  If you have something more pressing to post, do it.  This is your back up.

Are you operating with a clear social media plan? Do you use a calendar?  Let me know your thoughts! Until next time…


2 comments on “Bring your gun! Be prepared to enter social media combat.

  1. Great points, Ryan. Starting with a plan tied to other marketing initiatives and executing it will increase the chances of reaching business goals. Relationship building takes time but also resources. As you quote Neher, the common mistake is that since accounts are free, businesses create them and start positng “stuff.”

  2. We just recently covered this in class: Social Media is NOT the answer to everything! And even though social media is the new and upcoming (and dominating) resource for businesses- you still need to get back to basics, and if you do use it, know how to utilize it effectively. AKA. You can’t just bring a gun for social media combat unless you have backup ammo and know how to load it!

    Great insight, Ryan!

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