Can Pinterest create interest in your business?

What is the deal with Pinterest? I mean, have you seen this thing?!

What is the deal with Pinterest? That is today’s mission – to learn about Pinterest and see how it could be applied to business and marketing.

While I have just started experimenting with it, Pinterest is more or less a bulletin board where you can “pin” images that you find around the web and on other people’s Pinterest page. The pinned images form a diagram that describes you.  Apparently, your Pinterest followers can participate in discussion about your images as well.

The expert on all things, Wikipedia, notes:

“Pins may be added from a website using the “Pin It” button or as an image uploaded from a personal computer.

“A Pinterest member may create a board. A board is a set of pins created on any given topic. Suggested boards include: products I love, favorite places & spaces, books worth reading, my style, for the home, food.”

You Are Only Limited By Your Imagination

Now we know what it is, we can go back to the original question: how does this apply to your business?

I am typically reticent to advise anyone to get into too many social media avenues.  I think Facebook is a must, and Twitter is a distant second.  However, some businesses (and their customers) are on another level when it comes to cutting-edge tech/social media.

Pinterest PinSimilarly some products, like food, clothing, cameras and magazines may be a better fit for a photo-heavy site like Pinterest than a product like gutter cleaning or health insurance. However, you are not limited by your product – only by your imagination (see #3 below)!

In this article, “5 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest to Boost Consumer Engagement,” Constance Aguilar lists five interesting ways companies could maximize Pinterest to engage customers.  I highly recommend reading the article, but here are the recommendations in brief:

1)      Contests – “Contests can range from creating the “Best Board” to a earning the most Repins. Users could post photos of the best outfits they put together or of sculptures built from products bought at a specific store.”

2)      New Product Approval – “When launching a new product, whether a new dress, dinner dish or cellphone, companies want to determine initial reactions to the product’s look and feel. Because of Pinterest’s commenting ability, it’s an ideal platform on which to introduce a new product and gather firsthand opinions.”

3)      Showcase Brand Personality – “For companies that don’t necessarily have product lines to show off, the social networks allows photos to communicate a brand’s personality…Each Pin allows for a description and a link to the original story. Therefore, any company can quickly connect an audience with its story, mission and future plans, all via photo Pin.”

4)      Display Various Sectors of a Company – “an integrated marketing agency may host several individually themed Boards. One Board showcases photos of its public relations efforts, while a design department Board displays logos and web pages it has created, and a final Board hosts photos of employees in action.”

5)      Creative Communication between Brands and Customers – “Using Pinterest, brands can create Pins and Boards that feature customers’ product interpretations, and then showcase them for entire audiences. This way customers can further relate to products, and brands have a way to thank to their supporters by integrating them into their communities.”

Are you on Pinterest? If so, please let me know how you are using it personally or for business! Until next time…


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