Giving it away can be your gain!

Mr. Miyagi

Learn from Mr. Miyagi - he gave away his karate knowledge and then was viewed as a trusted expert.

I was recently consulting with someone on expanding the web and social media reach of his business, thus leading to more customers.


He runs a business that does private cocktail mixing classes, wine tastings and the like.


One of my first thoughts was that he should have a series of videos on his Facebook page where he demonstrates how to mix some specialty cocktails. This could even be seasonal, mixing light drinks in the summer or a pumpkin martini for Halloween.


His first reaction was to questions why he would give that knowledge away.  This is the kind of roadblock that keeps companies from succeeding online. What they need to realize is: While you are giving away a small piece of knowledge, you are gaining much more.


1)      You are positioning yourself as an expert.  When a restaurant hands out samples, you don’t taste it and then say, “I’m going to go home and make this.”  You think, “This is good, I’m going to eat here sometime.


The restaurant has established in your mind that they make good food. Similarly, this drink guy can establish himself as the person to trust when you want to have a martini party. You say you are an expert – now prove it!


Also, remember that just because you give knowledge away doesn’t mean you lose business. People hire bartenders, caterers and DJs because they want to enjoy their party while you provide the service.  Also, most people understand that just reading a recipe doesn’t turn them into a master chef. When the time comes, they will turn to the expert.


2)      You are creating value. People go where the contest is.  If your Facebook page is providing interesting content, that is where they will go – simple as that. This leads to the third reason…


3)      You are building trust. Now they are coming to your Facebook page and watching your videos, who do you think they might call when they are planning a wedding or a wine tasting?  Someone they know nothing about, or someone who they are well acquainted with via the web and social media?  By putting your information out there, you and your services have become known quantities – a great way to stand out from competition.

So, get a cheap video camera and start establishing yourself today! By giving it away you will be getting much more in the long term.


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