The New Rules of the New Age of Marketing

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's oxen, nor partake in crappy marketing strategies!

I was just reading “10 Commandments of Modern Marketing” by Augustine Fou. I highly recommend reading the entire text at the link above, because she really nails my views of the new rules of marketing. I am going to expound briefly on a few of her commandments.

Thou shalt not target customers with messages they don’t want.

The era of “who can be the loudest and dumbest” is over. TV and direct mail are no longer effective means of reaching an audience. As I noted in a previous post, you will save money and see results pinpointing your audience through such means as targeted Facebook ads.

Thou shalt be truthful. Thou shalt respect your customers. Thou shalt be useful. Thou shalt not do brand-ing.

I put these together because these are the core elements of success in social media.

In the world of social media, people gravitate to pages, feeds, etc. that offer something useful, be it how-to guides, news, tips or comedy.  Fou notes, “A ‘how-to’ video showing how to set up a home theater system is useful and may help one advertiser win the purchase over another similarly spec’ed and similarly priced system.”

Create value and make real, lasting fans of your brand.Like the force, the dark side of marketing looks for the quick and easy sell. Build value and fans will come. Get them to stay and they will buy. If your feed is a stream of “click here to buy” or links to a new product page, you will have one lonely page.

Fou says it best: “A brand is something earned over time, like reputation, and not something that advertisers can simply tell consumers they are anymore.”

Thou shalt measure and optimize. Thou shalt listen to customers

I combine these two because customers speak to you through analytics.

Look at your posts.  Which ones are getting the most reaction and generating conversation?

Look at your website stats.  Are people sticking around and looking at lots of pages?  Are they leaving right away? Which pages are they leaving from?

As I mentioned previously, your customers are telling you what they want through their actions.  Are you listening?

The whole article is great, and very in tune with my way of thinking about online marketing.  Please give it a read, and let me know if you have any additions to the list of commandments for the new age of marketing.


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