Will you embrace YouTube in 2012?

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Own a restaurant (or a tin foil company, or a turkey farm)? Share some turkey cooking tips.

Welcome to the new year! I hope you are prepared to make it a great one!

In 2012, I plan to learn more about YouTube.  More than 3 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day! As is noted in this article from Mashable, YouTube made some major changes in 2011, changes that will improve the kinds of analytics you can get on your videos and the means in which your content is presented.

I believe that good content, and a steady supply of it, is more important that spending copious amounts of money to create super professional videos.  To have an interesting and valuable presence on YoTube, you don’t need a professional film crew, just a low-cost “Flip”-style camera.  In the new year, I think there there will start to be a wide-spread understanding that the quality of the information is what’s important, while the look is secondary.

YouTube is also a great place to create value. Are there any “how-to” videos your company could produce?  For example, if you run a gym, could you post a weekly 1-minute trainer tip? If you are a tax preparer, how about a video on the top five mistakes people make when preparing their taxes? Does your nonprofit have an inspiring story to share?

These are great ways to poitions your company as experts on a subject without resorting to a hard sell. Best of all, as I mentioned, this something you can do right now with an investment of about $150 for the camera (these cameras typically come with very easy-to-use editing software.

So now is the time to tap your inner Spielberg!

Are you currently using or planning to use YouTube for your business? If so, please tell me about it and feel free to share any tips or success stories!


One comment on “Will you embrace YouTube in 2012?

  1. Greg Hickman says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I’d pay yours a visit. I’m totally with you on learning more about youtube this year. Those that use it right are super successful with adding extreme value to their viewers. I think you ask a lot of good questions that I hope readers will follow.

    Its also common for people to just jump into offering video content without a real plan. As a business – if you’re going to embrace video this year, sit down and put together a roadmap of content and stick to your schedule.

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