The one question you should ask about your website…


OK gang, “Shitty Website!” on three. One….two…

As I have mentioned before, when groups of people get together to make a website, they stop thinking like website users.  They fill their home page with ego-driven garbage like mission statements, “about us” information and huge images that take up the entire page and push important content below the fold.

It’s time to start thinking like a customer again, like a USER of the web. 

The one question you should ask yourself is, “If I was a web user, would this site help me find the information I need?”

A great website, Webpages That Suck, sums up the issue like this:

Write these two sentences where you can see them as you’re working:

-The only reason my website exists is to solve my customers’ problems.

-What problems does the page I’m looking at solve?

That’s about as simple as it gets.  The customer comes to your page to get an answer to a problem.  If you are a gym, they want to know services offered, membership costs, location – not who your CEO is. If you are a pie company, they could use a menu, hours of operation, how to order in advance and possibly a place to read reviews of your pies (unless they are terrible, in which case you may not want that info getting out).

Read some of Webpages That Suck’s Biggest Mistakes in Web Design and find out if you are an unknowing perpetrator of web design crime. Also, please feel free to send me links to any horrible websites you come across. Until next time my friends!


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