Celebrating good advertising

I wanted to share this BING marketing campaign, which I think is very well thought out.  The concept of a virtual advent calendar that unlocks new contests and content daily is a great way to offer fun and value to visitors while also giving them a  reason to come back each day for a month. Plus it takes you back to the fun of advent calendars, and the excitement that came with each new reveal.

The ads that are unlocked on some of the days are excellent as well. While the advent calendar takes you back to childhood, many of the ads are clever depictions of the new adventures of the gang from the old Rankin-Bass “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” special.

Rather than trying to be the loudest, dumbest or most crude, these are simple, charming vignettes that show the ease and benefits of using BING.  Well done!


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