Don’t be a turkey – give thanks to your Facebook family!


Don't be a Facebook turkey!

Imagine if every time you told your wife she looked nice, she said nothing in response.  That would make you feel pretty bad, right?

How about if someone came up to you at your office and told you what a great job you were doing, and you said nothing and walked away. Kind of a jerk move, eh?

That’s what businesses do every day when they don’t acknowledge positive comments on their Facebook page.

I’ve done it too. People will write, “great story” when I post some news, or “nice photos”, but I have just let the comment sit there unattended, when it takes 30 seconds to respond and build some real social media cache with a fan of my page.

Worry about your friends before your enemies

People who take the time to comment on a Facebook post are the same kind of people who will tell others about experiences with your company – good or bad! Plus, it feels good to be acknowledged when you make a post – it makes you feel important, like your post (and opinion) means something.

We waste countless hours wringing our hands about how we should respond if someone wrote a negative post on our page, but we spend zero time discussing how we will respond to positive comments and compliments. We are ready to defend against attack, but too busy to embrace those who like what we are doing.

Small investment = big payoff

While counting your blessings this Thanksgiving, be thankful for your Facebook fans. When you get back from your turkey dinner, cook up a list of responses to a positive comment.

You don’t need many, just three or four ideas, like “Thanks for the compliment Jim! We worked hard on the new menu and we’re glad you are enjoying it!”

A small investment of your time will pay a big dividend in Facebook affinity.

If you leave me a comment here, I will practice my gracious responses!


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