Targeted Ads – Hit the Mark with Your Facebook Marketing


Targeted Facebook ads

Target your ideal audience - bigger isn't always better.

In addition to viewing the demographics of your audience, you can segment your ad to appear on the pages of people who fit a specific location, gender or interest, and specify whether it’s for fans or non-fans of your page. 

Maybe you want to send a specific message only to older fans of your restaurant that live within 5 miles to promote your senior citizen specials? 

Perhaps your gourmet food shop wants to find people who would enjoy the recipes you share on your Facebook page. You may target your ads to something like “women ages 25-65 who list cooking as one of their hobbies and who live in urban areas”.

The days of standard advertising, where the loudest (and often dumbest) commercials drowned out everything else, are over. Sure, Bud Light is still filling the TV airwaves with the subtle nuances of man-gets-hit-in-balls, but people now have a choice about where they get their information, and they are choosing real facts and word-of-mouth over the noisy hype machine.

People go online to see if a restaurant is good or if that printer is worth buying.

By attracting people to your Facebook page, and by creating valuable content that gets them to “Like” your page, you have now gained a source of credibility. When one of your fans “friends” (and the average Facebook user has 130 of them) sees that “Rebecca Smith likes Hanley’s Auto Body” in their feed, you have received an endorsement that can’t be bought or manufactured.

Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. By building a valuable social media presence, you are setting yourself up not for the immediate sale, but to cultivate a steadily growing customer base.

Start thinking about valuable content you can offer, and then draw the most likely consumers of that content to you with targeted ads. Ready, aim, fire!


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