BOO! Don’t be afraid of feedback!

Oh my god! It’s uncensored comments on my Facebook page!

Happy Halloween! Today, I was inspired by this article  from Heidi Cohen titled “Do These 5 Social Media Monsters Still Scare You?”

In particular #4, “We have to allow negative comments about our brand, company, and products to appear on our sites and social media.”

There are a few things that execs need to understand:

1) The conversation is happening anyway. If people are writing negative feedback about you on your page, you can bet that it is not the only place they are bashing you.

2) Very few people take the time to post vulgar messages on pages.  Let’s be honest here – do you really think a bunch of Facebook hooligans are out there just itching for the chance to write inappropriate comments on your page?  Most of the time, somebody who is posting negative comments on your page has a legitimate beef.  This is a great opportunity to contact that person directly and turn a hater into a congratulator. If they took the time to complain on your page, you can bet that they will talk online about their positive experiences as well.

3) Social media is the new focus group.  This is your opportunity to learn about your customers not just by what they post, but also by what they don’t post.  If your content is not generating feedback (likes and comments), then you know that it is not exciting people enough to interact. This is an easy and free way to source opinions! Going back to Cohen’s article, this would relate to rule #1: “We have to accept that consumers own our brand based on their perceptions.”

If you plan to get into Social Media, don’t be a cowardly lion. Once you get in you will realize that all of those fears, like the monster under the bed, were mainly a figment of your imagination!


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