Measurement, or, how to know your online efforts are succeeding.

Measuring online successWhat is the most important thing you can do as a web/social media practitioner? The answer, of course, is to buy a computer.  After obtaining said computer, the next most important this is to set some clearly measurable goals.

Numbers Trump Opinion

You’ll find that a lot of people, including bosses and decision makers, base their opinion on the success or failure of a project on personal bias.

An example of this reasoning which I’ve heard: “Our customers aren’t using Facebook.”

Translation: “I’m not on Facebook, so it can’t be important to my customers.”

Example 2: “Everybody loves that photo gallery on the website.”

Translation: “Somebody told me that they love the photo gallery, so everyone must love it.”

If you don’t have a set of analytics to judge success or failure, your work – and possibly your job – are at the whim of the big wigs’ personal biases and perceptions.

If you can show hard evidence that your implemented ideas have made noticeable jumps in your chosen web stats, you will greatly increase your own value and influence.

What stats are important and how do you measure them?  I’ll tell you my thoughts about it, starting with my next post.


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